Hospitality Services

In order to guarantee an easier, safer and more comfortable pilgrimage in Rome during Jubilee of Mercy events authorities provided specific services: volunteers, free water distribution points, info points, public and chemical toilets, medical assistance points. 

All available services during major events are located on the web map. See the events calendar for further informations.

Emergency and health services

In case of emergency please call 112. This number is free charge and available H24, 7 days a week

First aid and assistance points will be available during Jubilee major events. Use the map button to locate them.

For any other information about medical assistance check the following links:

All EU citizens and foreign national citizens, who have the European Health Insurance Card or a Temporary  Replacement Certificate are entitled to receive medical care in public and private hospitals which are part of the state run health care.

Pilgrims from countries which have not a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Italy (check the list) will be able to pay a voluntary contribution of 51 euros for the First Aid Pass. The pass will entitle them to emergency healthcare in Italian National Health Service hospitals (public or private accredited) free of charge for the duration of their stay.

More info at:

Assistance to pilgrims

Pilgrim assistance service informations


U.N.I.T.A.L.S.I. Assistance

U.N.I.T.A.L.S.I. (Unione Nazionale Italiana Trasporto Ammalati a Lourdes e Santuari Internazionali) is a believers public association established in 1903 and recognised as an Ecclesiastic Institution by italian Government.
Pronto Unitalsi” 800.062.026 is an helpline (Mon-Fri 9.00 to 18.00) providing support and assistance for disabled people for the whole of the national territory.

More info (IT)


Deaf people Services


   PIT (Tourist Information Point) 

E.lisir is an operating system for deaf people available at  selected Tourist Information Points.

Check the service enabled PIT list at  INFO POINT section. 



LIS POINT is an help and support meeting point for deaf people located at Protezione Civile positions in Via della Conciliazione.LIS (Italian Sign Language) interpreters are available for deaf people needs and infos.



Pedius is a free smartphone software for deaf people to contact Protezione Civile operations room.



RFI Blue Rooms Service

RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) provides H24 assistance services for people with reduced mobility within Blue Rooms. RFI services are intended for wheelchair users, people with lower limbs impairment or persons who have difficulty in walking; blind people and persons with visual impairment; deaf people and persons with hearing loss; elderly people and pregnants.

-  Call 800 90 60 60 TOLL-FREE NUMBER (only landline)  from 6.45 to 21.30 every day, including all holidays.

-  Call 199 30 30 60 NATIONAL NUMBER (both landline and mobile) from 6.45 to 21.30 every day, including all holidays.

NATIONAL NUMBER is not toll-free. Call rate is 6,22 cent.€ for set up charge + 2,68 cent.€ (VAT included) per min. of conversation if you call from landline. For mobile call rates check your phone provider.  

For further informations and fares check the website (IT)


Recommendations for a pleasant and safe visit:
  • Always carry your ID card with you 
  • Please pay attention to your belongings and don't leave unattended things
  • Please call 112 emergency number  in case of abandoned luggage or suspicious packages

For any other emergency see below for security forces web links:

You can submit  complaints about disservices and frauds regarding shops, restaurants and hotels at Sportello del Pellegrino (IT). This brand new assistance point, an initiative of CODACONS, was born from collaboration between the Rome City Council and the Vatican City and is located in St.Peter.


Link to list of security measures for the Jubilee of Mercy


How to do

What to do in case of emergency

In case of emergency please call 112, the european emergency number, that transmits and brings together emergency calls  from all over Europe in a single operation room.

In case of loss or theft of your passport or ID card. After having reported a complaint to the local police or Carabinieri  station, the owner has to contact his home country Embassy or Consulate to get an E.T.D. (Emergency Travel Document) enclosing passport quality photos.

In case of theft or loss of credit card. You should immediately contact the toll-free numbers of the issuing bank to block it.

  • American Express: 0672282
  • Diner’s Club: 800864064
  • Cartasì (Mastercard Visa): 800151616
  • Cariplo Cartamoneta (Mastercard Visa): 800825099
  • Bank Americard (Mastercard Visa): 800821001
  • Bancomat : servizio nazionale blocco carta:  800822056
  • Carta di credito Banco Posta: 800.207167

Then, go to the nearest Public Security Office or Carabinieri Station and send a copy of the incident report to your bank by registered mail. In case you can’t make the incident report before you leave the city, you should do that when you are back home: your complaint will be sent to the Consulate or to the station of competence where the theft occurred, or where you realized it.

In case of fraud or to report improper behaviour to the consumers, please call the free-toll number 800.166.661 or contact the Agenzia Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM).

Lost property on buses and trams: please call 065816040, or contact the Lost Property Department (Reparto Oggetti Rinvenuti) to the number 0667693214 – Fax 06 67693219, or e-mail

In case of service disruptions: please contact one of the Tourist Points (PIT) in the city (you can find one of them almost everywhere). You can also call 060608, everyday from 9 to 21, or visit

In case of any kind of problem please contact the Sportello del Pellegrino, a front office dedicated to pilgrims in Viale delle Milizie 9. The telephone assistance WEareON is available with interpreters in 100 different languages. Discover more on

WiFi Network

WiFi Network


The free WiFi networks DigitRoma and WiFimetropolitano cover the whole territory of Rome and its province.

This public network can be accessed from outdoor areas, squares, libraries, senior centers, hospitals, shops and public offices.

Smartphone, tablet and PC users can access the network just reaching one of the marked areas in the city. To log in to DigitRoma and WiFimetropolitano, registration is required. You can use your credentials for both WiFi networks. 

Users who were already registered on ProvinciaWiFi service can use the same login credentials with the new network WiFimetropolitano.

If you have any queries, please call 06 40409434 or email

To locate the network access points, see the map of DigitRoma and the map of WiFimetropolitano.