Social Policy

The Facebook page “Roma Per il Giubileo”, Twitter account “@romaxilgiubileo” and Instagram account “Romaperilgiubileo” are active every day from 09.00 to 19.00, managed by Roma Per Il Giubileo’s Social Media Team, trainees of the public university of Rome - La Sapienza, Tor Vergata and Roma Tre - whereby Rome’s prefecture signed a convention for the whole duration of the Jubilee year.

Every customer can comment or interact with the account in the respect of the rules established from following Social Media Policy:

  1.  Everyone can express their opinion providing this remains constructive and respectful;
  2.  The comments must be relevant to post’s theme of reference;
  3.  The administrators reserve the possibility to moderate:
    “off topics” comments;
    external links or images when irrelevant to the discussion;
    comments with offensive language, sensitive data, or with elements of disturb to discussion;
  4.  The Social Media Team reserves the right to moderate contents which have as their object
    promotion of illegal and commercial activities and for profit;
    inappropriate language and/or tone threatening, violent, racist, vulgar or disrespectful;
    diffamation or threats;
    offensive, misleading and alarmist messages or in violation to right of third parts;
    personal data and informations that can causing damages or injure the reputation of a third party;
    obscene, pornographic or child pornography messages or that can offend the common morality and users’s sensitivity;
    discriminator elements by genre, race, ethnicity, language, religion, political views, sexual orientation, age, personal and social conditions;
    spam’s messages.

For more information or assistance contact the staff of Roma Per Il Giubileo.

Social Media Policy “Roma per il Giubileo”, November 2015