Website General Conditions of Use

This page contains the General Conditions for use of the “Roma per il Giubileo” (hereinafter “General Conditions” and “Website”) that must be observed by anyone accessing or navigating within the Website. Access to the Website and any actions involving navigation within its web pages imply acceptance of the General Conditions. If the user chooses not to accept the General Conditions, it is sufficient that he or she abstain from navigating within the pages of the Website.

Any party accessing the Website implicitly states that he/she/they will not use the Website or the material contained therein for illicit purposes or in ways that violate the laws and regulations in force. "Roma per il Giubileo". reserves the right to modify the General Conditions at any time without advance notice to users, however without relieving the user of the duty to review the General Conditions prior to accessing the Website. Access to the Website after any such modifications to the General Conditions have been made implies full and unconditional acceptance of the amended General Conditions.

Art. 1
Copyright – Intellectual Property Rights© Copyright, "Roma per il Giubileo".

All content and information contained within the "Roma per il Giubileo". Website, including but not limited to texts, images, videos, audio and graphics, are copyrighted materials and thus protected by pertinent legislation. The Website may also contain images copyrighted by third parties.

Thus, it is forbidden to copy, edit, extract or use said content or information or part thereof without express written authorisation from "Roma per il Giubileo". It is also forbidden to engage in any other activity that may prejudice the rights of copyright holders or others to intellectual property accessible via the Website.

Art. 2
Use of the Website

The Website and its content may be used exclusively for purposes of a personal or educational nature, or for research, provided that the owners of intellectual property rights or copyrights are clearly indicated. Any use of a commercial nature, whether direct or indirect, is forbidden.
Website content may include, but is not limited to: texts, photographs, videos, slogans, animation, drawings, designs and generally any graphical and/or textual representations of any sort.

The content of the Website may not be, either wholly or in part, copied, modified, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transcribed, transmitted or distributed by any means or in any form with prior written authorization from "Roma per il Giubileo", with the exception of the printing, downloading or viewing of portions of the Website content for purposes of an exclusively personal and non-commercial nature and provided that the material in question is in no way modified and that ownership of intellectual property rights is clearly indicated.

Furthermore, the Website contents may not be disseminated, wholly or in part, via communication channels such as the Internet, television systems, radio systems or of any other nature without prior written authorization from "Roma per il Giubileo".

In the optional, voluntary and explicit sending of messages via email to addresses provided on the Website, the user is responsible for the content, and the truthfulness and accuracy of said messages and any attachments, and for any violations of third party rights deriving from the same. Furthermore, the sending of a message via email entails the acquisition of the sender’s email address, which is indispensable for responding to any requests, and any personal information included in the message or its attachments. In the above cases, personal information collected as a result of email correspondence, as well as that collected when users register for reserved areas of the Website, will be used by "Roma per il Giubileo". in full observance of the fundamental principles dictated by Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (the law regarding the protection of personal information).   

Art. 3
Exclusions of Warranty and Limitations of Responsibility

All contents published on the Website are made available merely for the purposes of providing general information. "Roma per il Giubileo". provides no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of said contents and reserves the right to modify and/or update said contents without prior notice.

"Roma per il Giubileo". declines all responsibility for any and all damages, direct or indirect, including lost profit, deriving from the use or inability to use the Website and/or its contents, or websites directly or indirectly linked to it, or deriving from omissions or errors. Regarding hyperlinks to websites external to the "Roma per il Giubileo". Website, given the fact that the existence of said hyperlinks in no way constitutes an endorsement by "Roma per il Giubileo". of the content of said websites, "Roma per il Giubileo". accepts no responsibility regarding the availability, security, content or any violation of laws or third party rights deriving from access to said external websites.

"Roma per il Giubileo". furthermore reserves the right to interrupt or limit, for any reason and at its unimpeachable discretion, access to its Website.

Art. 4
Applicable Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

Without prejudice to any right held by users in virtue of other national or international legislation, these General Conditions are subject to Italian Law and will be interpreted within the context of the same (with the exception of Italian legal norms regarding contrasting laws), including any dispute concerning the existence, validity or effectiveness of the General Conditions and any other agreement which makes reference to them.

Within the above limits, the recognized court of jurisdiction for any dispute arising in reference to these General Conditions and any other agreement which makes reference to them is the Court of Rome.

In the event of any discrepancy of interpretation between the Italian, English or French versions of the General Conditions, reliance shall be placed on the Italian version.