Mobility in Rome

Mobility in Rome is a combination of transport services provided by institutions, public agencies and companies to simplify pilgrims, citizens and tourists needs: walkability, public and private transport, parking and stopping places.

Thanks to the collaboration of ITALIAN FS, ATAC e TPL there are many ways to reach Jubilee places, and St.Peter in particular, once you reached Rome: regional rail lines (FL3 e FL5 for the connections with St. Peter rail station), metro lines, buses, taxi as well as pedestrian paths and jubilee paths.


The Rome Metro includes three lines which cover 60 km of the Capital with 74 stations (59 are underground).
The three lines are differenced by color: A is orange, B is blue and C green; the last one, C, was opened in 2014 and will be completed within 2021.

See below for timetable. For further informations you can check the following websites Agenzia per la Mobilità e ATAC

A Line (Anagnina - Battistini)

  First departure: 5.30

  Last departure: 23.30

  Fri and Sat last departure  1.30

B Line (Laurentina-Rebibbia)  - B1 Line (Laurentina-Jonio)

From Laurentina and Rebibbia/Jonio

First departure: 5.30

Last departure: 23.30

Fri and Sat last departure  1.30


C Line (Lodi - Pantano)

Every direction

First departure: 5.30

Last departure: 23.30, Sat and holidays included 


Bus / Tram

The public transport in Rome is managed by ATAC and ROMA TPL.

ATAC is the municipal property's public operator, while ROMA TPL is a private companies' consortium.
ATAC manages the majority of trasport network with its buses, trams and trolley buses network, three metro lines and three railway lines: Roma-Lido, Termini-Giardinetti and Roma-Civitacastellana-Viterbo. 

Please check the AGENZIA PER LA MOBILITA' website for further public transport news.


The Taxi Service vehicles in Rome are white and they have the TAXI logo on the car roof. They also have the Roma Capitale logo and the number of license on the car front doors. You can as well find the number of license on the left rear car door inside the vehicle.

We recommend the passengers to verify that the taximeter is turned on (you can find it over the dashboard). If it’s off please ask to the taxi driver to turn it on and don’t forget to ask for the receipt.

There are two ways if you want to get a taxi. You may call the free number 060609 or use the app Chiama Taxi.

Local Trains

Regional rail lines offer a metropolitan connection service with the St.Peter rail station. You can reach for Jubilee main places with FL3  (Roma - Cesano) and  FL5 (Roma - Civitavecchia) lines. 




Roma Lido urban railway

The Roma – Lido urban railway connects the Ostia shore with Rome. You can reach for the railway with the Metro B stations Magliana, San Paolo Basilica e Porta San Paolo/Piramide.



- From Porta San Paolo - Piramide  First Dep. 5.08 – Last  23.30
- From Cristoforo Colombo First Dep. 5.15 - Last 23.30

- From Porta San Paolo - Piramide  First Dep. 5.08 - Last 00.00
- From Cristoforo Colombo First Dep. 5.15 - Last 00.00

- From Porta San Paolo - Piramide First Dep. 5.40 - Last 23.30
- From Cristoforo Colombo First Dep. 5.18 - Last 23.30

Complete Timetable MON-FRI (start 14 SEP 15)
Complete Timetable SAT (start 19 SEP 15)
Complete Timetable SUNDAY and HOLIDAYS (start 20 SEP 15)

Night service is replaced by Bus n°3



Roma Viterbo regional railway

The Roma Viterbo regional railway connects the city of Rome and the city of Viterbo, via Civita Castellana, and is complementary to the F3 line with the same name managed by Trenitalia. Two different services are available on this line: urban, from Piazzale Flaminio to Montebello, and suburban, from Piazzale Flaminio to Viterbo.

Urban route

The train, in the urban route, runs parallel with the Via Flaminia and it stops at:
Piazzale Flaminio, Piazza Euclide, Acqua Acetosa, Monte Antenne, Tor di Quinto, Due Ponti,
Grotta Rossa, Saxa Rubra, Centro Rai, Labaro, La Celsa, Prima Porta, Giustiniana, Montebello


Urban route departures

From Piazzale Flaminio 
MON-SAT first dep. 5.25 – last dep. 22.40
FESTIVE DAYS  first dep. 5.50 – last dep. 22.10

From Montebello
MON-SAT first dep.5.50  - last dep. 23.09
FESTIVE DAYS first dep. 6.18 -  last dep. 22.38


Suburban route

The service, in the suburban route, goes from PiazzaIe Flaminio in Rome to the city of Viterbo and it stops at:
Piazzale Flaminio, Piazza Euclide, Acqua Acetosa, Saxa Rubra, Prima Porta, Montebello,
Sacrofano, Riano, Castelnuovo di Porto, Morlupo, Rignano Flaminio, S. Oreste, Civita Castellana,
Catalano, Fabbrica di Roma, Corchiano, Vignanello, Soriano, Vitorchiano, Bagnaia, Viterbo.

Timetable (start SEP 14 2015)


How to cycle in Rome

Brand new cycle tracks are open in Rome both on urban cycle paths and on green routes. ATAC allows to take bikes on public transport vehicles.

Bike access on the A, B/B1 and C metro lines is allowed:

MON-FRI: from service start until 7, 10 to 12 and from 20 until the end of the service;
SAT and HOLIDAYS: throughout the entire service

Every passenger can also get on  11 “bike friendly” bus lines and 6 “bike friendly”  tram lines  with his/her own bike. “Bike Friendly” ATAC lines are recognizable by a red bike pictogram on white background standing on the bus stop panels and on the Jumbo Trams. The same pictogram also stands on the entire railway and metro network to identify the bike-friendly wagons (first car, following the train direction movement).

Taking the bike on public transport is free for all the Metrebus card owners. Folded bikes can be taken on the entire surface transit, on the A, B/B1 and C metro lines and on the ROMA LIDO urban railway without any restriction or time constraints.

Check the ATAC “Bike Friendly” lines here

Car Sharing

What is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is a brand new way to rent  cars for short periods of time.

Car sharing is easy to do: just take a car, drive it and park it. You can find a vehicle in your area and open it with the related app. You can drive from your departure to your destination point and park your vehicle again. It's fun, saves money and helps the environment.

The vehicles have free access in the limited traffic zones (ZTL), except the ZTL A1 – Tridente and can be parked for free in Rome’s blue-striped parking spaces.

Access to taxi and public transportation fast tracks is not allowed

Car2Go and Enjoy are the official car sharing services available in Rome.


Car2go is a car sharing service with per minute charges that allows to move you easily down the city streets saving time and money and respecting the environment.

How does it work?

You can always find a SMART FORTWO with the blue CAR2GO logo directly in the area where you are or book it 30 minutes before departure. You simply have to download the app CAR2GO on your smartphone and register. Then you can open the car and go everywhere you want. Once you reached your destination you can park your car anywhere (free charge in the blue parking areas) closing the rent-time or suspend it to use the vehicle again.

Check website for fares and further informations



Enjoy is a car sharing service with per minute charges provided by ENI. You can rent red versions of  Fiat 500, Fiat 500L with the yellow and white “enjoy” logo.

How does it work?

You can easily rent a car registering yourself on the website or downloading the “enjoy” app for smartphone. You can search available cars in your area and book the vehicle that matches with your requirements or  you can book a car along the way and go. Every car is marked on the map with a red indicator displaying the status: red for “in use”, yellow for “booked” and green for “available”

A PIN code to open the car will be released after registration.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Check website for fares and further informations 

Open Bus

Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi offers to pilgrims and tourists a comfortable way to visit Rome: the Christian Rome Open Bus. The Stop&Go formula (Hop-On/Hop-Off) allows you to enjoy the service all day long, by using stops located in strategic points of the city. A system of eight languages audio guides accompanies the suggestive scenic route. On board, staff members are available for every kind of eventuality, in particular for people with disabilities.
Wi-Fi service is free.
It is possible to contact the Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi website or the 060608 web page for further information.

Open Bus departure times:

The Christian Rome Open Bus route respects the following timetable for beginning and service end:

First departure from San Pietro: 9.30 a.m.
First departure from Termini station: 9.00 a.m.
Last departure from San Pietro: 6.00 p.m.
Last departure from Termini Station: 6.00 p.m.

Open Bus stops with Stop&Go formula:

Saint Peter’s Basilica (Piazza Pia)
San Giovanni dei Fiorentini (Via Acciaioli)
Sant'Agnese in Agone/Piazza Navona (Corso Vittorio Emanuele II - Cancelleria)
Area Sacra Largo Argentina/San Carlo ai Catinari (Largo di Torre Argentina)
Basilica of St. Mary of the Altar of Heaven (Piazza Venezia)
Church of the Twelve Holy Apostles (Via Cesare Battisti)
Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels and the Martyrs (VIa Cernaia)
Termini Station (Via Giolitti)
Santa Maria Maggiore (Via Liberiana)
Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem (Via di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme)
Saint John Lateran Basilica (Piazza di Porta San Giovanni)
Saint John Lateran Basilica/Baptistry (Via Amba Aradam)
Colosseum/San Gregorio al Celio (Via di San Gregorio al Celio)
Circus Maximus/Santa Sabina all'Aventino (Piazzale Ugo la Malfa)
Theatre of Marcellus/Santa Maria in Campitelli (Via del Teatro di Marcello)
Largo Argentina/Santa Maria ad Martyres (Largo di Torre Argentina)
Chiesa Nuova/San Salvatore in Lauro (Piazza della Chiesa Nuova)
Saint Peter’s Basilica (Piazza Pia)

Click on the image to download the PDF version of the map.

Open Bus - Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi